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  • Corey Butler
    Internal Service Advisor

    I have been a Mercedes-Benz enthusiast since I was 8 years old when my father bought me a toy model car of a 1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing. Fast forward 20 years, I wouldn't have ever imagined I would be working for that very same company that made my dream car. I've been with the brand 5 years now and I love it. It is my love for people and my passion for Mercedes-Benz that drives me to deliver exceptional service to all our guests that come through our door.

  • Taidy A. Garcia
    Service Advisor

    I am a proud mom of two (doggy & human child) I love making memories with getting away anywhere we can. Where I work allows me to provide a great life for them. I love to help people with their car needs and being able to help and meet great people everyday makes me excited to come to work everyday. I am very blessed to have best of both worlds...home and work. 

  • Rebecca Lee
    Service Advisor

    As a child, I always noticed the 3 pointed star on the front fo the hood of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and it fascinated me. It became a personal goal to understand and learn the brand.  I have invested 13 years in this industry and pride myself in making people feel right at home when they bring their vehicle in for service.  Land, sea, and air is the way I love to travel and it is also what the star represents.  It has motivated me to give our clients the best or nothing.

  • Harry Reid
    Service Advisor

    I have had a love for cars for as long as I can remember and I have always enjoyed helping people. Being Filipino, I always imagined I would end up a nurse or a doctor but I have since found a way to combine my two passions and make a career out of it. Being a Service Advisor at Mercedes-Benz of Long Beach allows me the the opportunity to not only work with some of the most incredible cars on the road today but to also help others day in and day out.

    And though my passion is for cars, I am an artist by nature. In my free time I write, record and perform my own music. I love to explore the outdoors and I really enjoy amateur photography. I skate, I ride bikes (both road and fixed) and I can't get myself to say no when someone invites me to go play a quick game of basketball.

  • Selene Torres
    Service Advisor

    Hello, my name is Selene Torres. I been with Mercedes-Benz of Long Beach for 8 years. I enjoy meeting new people and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience at our store. I enjoy dirt bike riding & going out for brunch on Sundays with my family & friends.

  • Raymond Yambao
    Service Advisor

    My love for automobiles started a very early age. My mom would tell me when she would point to a car, I would be able to identify it right away. Naturally, my passion for vehicles would lead me to a career in the automotive industry. I started at Mercedes-Benz of Long Beach in August 2007 as a File Clerk.  I eventually became a Service Advisor in 2012 and have not looked back. Mercedes-Benz is the best car company in the world and I cannot imagine working for any other brand.

    In my spare time I like to go camping and go off-road in my truck.  I also love to eat. Steak is my favorite thing to eat, medium rare of course.

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